Our History

299 Trinity

Named for State Highway 299 that winds through the rolling hills and majestic forests of historic Trinity County, 299 Trinity is steeped in the history of the rich land while embracing the newest technology to produce superior product.

Our Beginning...

Meeting for the first time at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Northeast Florida, our investor group acknowledged an industry being transformed by the legalization across many states and the undeniable momentum of the benefits, both medically and holistically, for the various uses of cannabis.

But how can we get involved in such an industry with so many regulations and so few permits? We would go straight to the most notable area for it's deep following. If you are investing in wine, you go to Napa, if you are investing in cannabis, you go to the Emerald Triangle, and indeed we did.

After evaluating several options, we settled on a great property in beautiful and historic Trinity County.

With a focus on constant refinement of the process and the facility, we also maintained the commitment to high quality, organic and socially-conscious cultivation techniques established by our Master Cultivator, who had been instrumental in developing this property, resulting in a high value harvest recognized as such by the industry.

Today we continue down the same path of constant refinement of the culture and the bounty he founded. The proof of this is in the repetitive purchases by a loyal customer base comprised of the strongest and most well-known distributors in the California cannabis market.


We invite you to contact us for more information on our offerings.