Wedding Cake

Wedding cake Cannabis, also known as Pink Cookies, is a very high THC content that has led to being known for its well-rounded effects both medically and recreationally.  It originated from Triangle Mints, an OG lineage.

Wedding Cake doesn’t taste like any nuptial dessert most have ever tasted. It’s a cross between cherry pie and Girl Scout cookies, making it both sour, tangy and fruity with a hint of creaminess.

This cannabis strain will offer you relaxation and feeling of happiness.  Don’t you want to be both as you get married? This strain has been described as helping you perform and have the best sex ever.

The Details:

60% indica, Evening strain. THC levels between 16 and 25%, so take it slow!

Stimulates Appetite, Combats Depression, Reduces Anxiety, and helps you to Relax.